Dear Ben.


I’m writing this on the eve’ of your Gemini Tour in Pittsburgh.

My buddy and I secured Meet & Greet passes and we’re really excited to meet you in less than 24 hours!

The reason I’m writing is twofold: I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to spend with you and I wanted to give you a description of the gift I created for you … the Gemini Meditation Bead set.

Just a little bit about me …

Among many of the roles I play in life, I serve as a Progressive Christian pastor (for oh so many years) and I also serve many as a Shaman … Christians, Shamans, Buddhists, Pagans, Agnostics and even some Atheists. For most I’m known as Pastor Nar. For many I’m known as the XianShaman (Christian Shaman). My life is such a beautiful contradiction.

Besides loving on people, one of my most fulfilling activities is creating spiritual jewelry.

I create a variety of jewelry to assist people with their own spiritual practices. My little company is called Wildkraft.

Sometimes when I create, I do it as play and don’t know who will benefit from my creation. Yet there are times when I create for someone in particular, as it is with the gift I gave you.

When I created your beads, I did so with an immense amount of intention and care. They took many hours to fashion and were finally finished during this past weekend’s Full Moon. I created this set while in a meditative state … from the first bead until the finishing.

It took as long as it did because with each bead I strung I spoke a heart-felt – and, I believe, Spirit-inspired – blessing over you and all that pertains to you …  you personally, your family, your career, your creativity, your health and so much more. 108 blessings lovingly spoken over you.

This is just my way of showing my gratitude for you and how you and your music has blessed and challenged me, a 56-year-old pastor and shaman. Also for the joy and fun and laughter. Perhaps even more for you having the courage to do your thing, your way. It is inspiring. You, my friend, are inspiring.

I know (or at least think), from what I’ve heard you say numerous times in a variety of ways, that you struggle with praise and acclaim. I respect that and appreciate that about you. I truly do. During an entheogenic journey a number of years ago I heard the Universe speak words that changed both my internal motivation and external actions: There is no praise. There is no blame.

So, Ben, I have not made the gift or written this letter to praise you. I have done both as an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Here’s some detail on the gift itself, its design and why I chose the semi-precious stones that I did.

Your meditation set is fashioned as a traditional Mala set containing 108 primary beads. The stones used for these 108 are Jaguar Stone (aka Leopard Jasper). This is my favorite stone, and I use it on my personal meditation beads. Jaguar Stone is a jasper, which many accept as having a strong, grounding energy. It is also associated with shamanic journeying and spiritual discovery. These are protective and grounding stones.

You’ll find your set is broken up into seven sections: a group of seven beads, a group of 14 beads, a group of 33 beads, then another 33, 14 and then seven. They are brought together by a ‘guru’ bead (Seraphinite) and then flow down into a twin set of beads (I usually use a tassel, but I decided to make something specifically for you) – this ‘twin’ set of beads represent … wait for it … GEMINI!

These sections are separated by another set of stones and spun brass. These contain: Spun Brass, Zebra Stone, Citrine Nuggets, a Seraphinite – followed by a Citrine Nugget, Zebra Stone, then Spun Brass. The Gemini ‘tassels’ are Zebra Stone and Citrine Nuggets. There are also small wood beads in-between each stone.

The meditation beads I created for you are sturdy, but should be treated with care and respect. If yanked on or pull hard, they could break.

Here’s some brief understandings of the other stones and accoutrements:

Spun Brass – is a metal that brings out natural good and inner truth. It is also known to clear away old debris in order to get down to the pure and natural truth … “down to the brass tacks” if you will.

Zebra Stone – formed around 600,000 years ago, the energies of this stone include endurance and connection with Mother Earth. This is another grounding stone which also helps you focus on your creative energies.

Citrine Nuggets – This is a stone of personal power, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness; also joy and happiness. This is another of my personal favorites, and, get this, is associated with Gemini! Ha!

Seraphinite – The final stone, found six times on your necklace / meditation beads, is named after what many of the ancients considered angels of the highest order: the Seraphim. Energies of this stone include self-healing, regeneration, wholeness, and spiritual connection – to the Earth and to Source. Some say that the high frequency of this stone can trigger Kundalini. This is a heart stone, it’s focus is on the heart emotions of love, light and connection. It is said to stimulate the flow and elasticity of one’s emotional energy – releasing that which no longer serves and replacing it with joyful, enlightening energy.

Yeah, Ben, that’s a lot of info … and it may all be bullshit, but maybe not. When speaking of Spirit, God, Source, spirituality or all the beautiful things in life we can only speak in metaphor and analogy – you know, “This shit right here we call love, you can’t put that into words, but feel that in your gut” – that is what this gift is all about. I hope you feel all the intention, energy and blessings spoken over you as I crafted this gift. May it serve you well in your own spiritual practice and if you use it as jewelry it will look damn fine on you!

Well, Ben, thank you for taking the time to read this long letter. I know I won’t have the time to share all this with you in person, and I’m okay with that. It will be good enough just to meet you and say Thank You.

Somewhere and sometime along this crazy journey I hope to actually become friends. You’re a good man, and your heart shows that.

Know that, for the past number of years, you’ve been included in my ‘almost daily’ prayers and blessings … and this will continue as long as I’m around.